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Visas and Immigration

Training Programs

Opportunities for Teachers in North America

(CN Tower, landmark of Toronto, Canada)

1. Cultural / Educational Tours


Learn about the Canadian education system;

Observe the operations of educational departments;

Compare the teaching methodologies of China and Canada;

Discover opportunities for future cooperation.

Participants: Principals, teachers, scholars, administrators and other personnel from elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutes, educational organizations and departments.

Destinations: Cultural and educational sites, school boards and their member schools, Universities and Colleges on the east and west coasts of Canada.


Guided tours and visits to educational institutes and departments;

Seminars with specialists of different areas;

First hand experience with Canadian culture and lifestyle through living with local host families;

Sightseeing tours to Niagara Falls, the CN Tower, the Eaton Centre, “Chinatown”, the Royal Ontario Museum, Centre Island, and other renowned sites in the cities of Niagara Falls, Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria.


2. ESL Teacher Education in Canada

Program Outline:

Participants have an opportunity to obtain a better understanding of the North American system of education. They are given the chance to observe the multicultural characteristics of Canadian educational institutions at all levels. Participants also have an opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience through intensive practice-sessions in Canadian classrooms.


Teachers of the English language and literature, bilingual instructors of other disciplines, educational personnel from post-secondary, secondary, elementary schools and kindergartens in China.

Duration: 2-10 weeks


Small class sizes;

Condensed course schedule;

Emphasis on teaching methodologies, curriculum design, and textbook use;

Experiencing the highly flexible teaching methodologies through practice-teaching sessions in Canadian classrooms

Certificate awarded by authorized Canadian institute;

Combine existing English-language textbooks from China, maintaining a continuity of learning;

Accommodation: Home-stay / Residence / Hotel

Note: ESL Education Programs can also be conducted at education centres in China with certified Canadian teachers.

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