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ESL Camps

ESL Camps

1. Summer / Winter Camp in Canada/USA

(Photo of 2006 ESL Summer Camp in Canada)


This program aims to develop students’ oral and practical English communication skills and leadership skills through a series of in-class training, sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Location: Ontario, British Columbia

Duration: 2-6 weeks

Excursions: Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, and/or Victoria



- Courses conducted by certified Canadian teachers

- Students will be placed with local Canadian students based on their individual skill level

- 25 hours of intensive learning every week, accompanied by after-class activities including movies, potluck dinners, talent shows, hiking, sightseeing, visits to the Police and Fire Departments, local Newspaper offices, museums, and the Science Centres

- Strong focus on oral English, practical vocabulary, and pronunciation

- Utilizing advanced audio/visual equipment

- End-of-program evaluation to measure learning results

- Development of leadership skills and independence

- Accommodation with local families to introduce North American lifestyle and encourage interaction

- Promotion of team spirit through group activities and outdoor challenges

Expectations and responsibilities for English Summer Camp


Students May Expect:

To have the opportunity to improve their English oral communications skills

To attend an English summer camp program that encourages pride and confidence in active class participation

To recognize that students come with varying skills in English communication and that emphasis is placed on personal achievement

To receive a positive feedback of each child’s achievement

To be able to ask for and to receive help when appropriate

To have fun while improving oral English skills

To return to regular English classes in the coming school with renewed enthusiasm and a better understanding as to how the study of English is a benefit to each child’s skills.


Students Have a Responsibility:

To do their best at improving their English oral skills and work hard to participate speaking

To attend all classes prepared, on time and to participate in learning to the best of their ability

To help other students achieve some improvement

To accept ownership for personal behaviour and learning

To make a conscious effort to speak English


Parents May Expect:

To have their child attend class in a welcoming English speaking environment

To receive from their child a final progress evaluation of achievement for the summer camp program

To have their child demonstrate enthusiasm in learning English in the regular school program


Parents Have a Responsibility:

To provide positive support for their child learning English

To support the summer school program to present a unique English speaking learning environment

To encourage their child to always do their personal best.


2. ESL Summer Camp in China


As an ideal mix of academics, culture, and fun, the ESL Summer Camp in China offers Chinese students and teachers intensive ESL instruction complemented by outdoor activities an cultural experiences. In addition, our innovative ESL summer program provides Canadian ESL teachers an excellent opportunity and a unique environment to apply educational theory and skills. Our ESL teachers are expected to challenge their Chinese students and teachers, increase their oral English skills, and introduce them to Canada, its culture and education system, in fun and creative ways. Teachers will have the chance to visit places of interest and experience China and its culture. Click the links below to see some details: "2008 E.S.L BoLuo Summer Camp", "2009 E.S.L ShunDe Winter Camp".


Camp Participants:

Chinese students and teachers from kindergartens, elementary, and secondary schools (ages 5 to 18).

Duration: 3 weeks at 25 hours per week

Textbook: Designed to enhance the skill level of the participant, facilitating English

learning in a familiar context, and providing participants with a lasting




- Courses conducted by certified Canadian teachers

- Flexible teaching locations and travel destinations

- Small class-sizes, practical methodologies

- Certificates awarded by recognized educational organizations and institutes of Canada.

For more information, please contact us.

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Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8P 4J9

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