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Experience of ESL summer camp——Fu Xuanze
September 30, 2009

   Inspiration---2009 North America ESL summer camp in Haimen Experimental School

Chapter One--- numbers

        15--- this is my fifteenth summer holiday, and it’s my first time to have social practice in summer holiday.
10--- this is my tenth year to learn English, and it’s my first time to ffind out what is English in mature.
21--- I lived in Haimen 21 days, and that was the most special 21 days in 21 years
9--- 9 foreign teachers from America and Canada, who are my best friends after 21 days.
 1--- 1 person who gave me the chance to know something that I’ve never known before, I want to say thanks to Mrs. Gu

Chapter Two--- work
Since I arrived at Haimen, i realized the work what I’m going to do would be fresh and challenged. I need try my best to accomplish the work.
In 21 days, we tried our best to complete our job from day to night. To organize everyone to set off, to help the foreign teacher to teach the students, to take part in the teaching activity, to decorate the library, to arrange the lunch and supper each day, try to satisfied the foreign teachers what they want to. It was really glad to hear a lot of thanks from those foreign teachers instead of complaining.
In 21 days, we had hard time and happy time, we had laugh and tear. We held our own. The improving pronunciation of students, the laugh on the foreign teachers’ face, the success of decorating the library, the laugh form everyone when they saw the video which is made by us, that means to affirm our job. That really encouraged us a lot.

Chapter Three--- life in Haimen
21 days, I had a chance to stay with foreign people 24/7. I do enjoyed the moment when I had a conversation with those foreign people so that I can learn their habit and culture and I could teach them Chinese culture. We can talk during shopping, having dinner, in the hotel, on the street and even on the roof. I can realized how important to use English when I talk to the foreign people.

Chapter Four--- learning
Before I came to this summer camp, my only goal was to improve my English speaking, but after I started work, I found out that improving the English ability was one part of all. Especially with Mrs. Gu’s help, I found the difference between university and society. What I did here has no relation with school book and the experience in university means nothing here. I learned how to organized, how to do the leadership, how to communicate with others, and how to solve the problem. The most impressive class is Mrs. Gu taught me that her spirit of working.

Chapter Five--- continue
Sometimes we feel time passed slowly, and sometimes we feel time passed so fast, the past time will become the memory, and I’m waiting for the next summer holiday, I’d like to get more chance to make new friends and face the new challenge, to get one more unforgettable memory.

 Volunteer    Fu Xuanze (Bear)

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