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Experience of ESL summer camp——Cao Kai
September 30, 2009

My experience of this summer camp

The 2009 ESL Summer Camp has already finished, but it is still in my memory. I, as a volunteer, would like to share my experience.

During those 20 days, students benefited the most. At the beginning of this summer camp, students were very shy, and they did not want to participate and speak out in class, but the situation gradually changed day after day. Many students started to speak out in the second day, and most students enthusiastically joined the class activities in the third day. After the first week, every student was willing to talk to the Canadian teachers. They learned several English songs, and every class performed their singing in front of the whole school. The speech contest was one of the parts that showed the improvement of the students’ ability on spoken English. Furthermore, every class as a group performed a drama; it was the way to show students’ ability of how to apply English with what they had learnt during the summer camp.

What worked so well on these kids was their interest. All the students told me that they were so happy and willing to have the classes with Canadian teachers, because they never had lessons as interesting like in this summer camp. Students listened to stories, did indoor and outdoor activities, and they learned some Canadian cultures as well.

The students wouldn’t able to gain so much and be so interested in class if the Canadian teachers were not preparing well. Every night after dinner, all the Canadian teachers get together and talk about their feeling about that day’s teaching and also, they will discuss about the next day’s teaching material. In order to improve students’ interests of learning English, they spent their own money to buy teaching materials, and every kid can keep some teaching materials after the summer camp finished. Canadian teachers also thought about the students, they encouraged students that were left behind, so that every kid in this summer camp made a great progress at the end of the camp.

I gained a lot as well. It was a great opportunity for me to improve my ability to solve problems. And furthermore, I learned how to organize a team, and be a leader. All I learned from this camp can be very useful for my future. As a mater of fact, volunteer experience can be one of the best items that I should list on my resume.

It was a great opportunity for everyone who joined this camp. For the students, they are not only improved their ability of speaking and listening English, but also they made friends with someone in Canada. For all the Canadian teachers, they improved their teaching method to ESL students by gaining more ESL teaching experience. And even more, they visited many places in China. For me, I improved many abilities such as organizing activities, and leading a team. I also made more friends, Chinese friends and Canadian friends.

That was my experience in this summer camp, hope the students having a great future, because they experienced something that most of kids will never going to have. The summer camp was finished, but the memory of it will stick to everybody’s mind.

Cao Kai

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