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Experience of ESL summer camp——Gui Wan
September 30, 2009


 Time flies.But I still remember the days we spent together,from beginning to the end.I learn a lot not only about English, but also about life,faith,even love.

  At first,I didn't know what and how to do,just sitting at the back of classroom,listening to the teachers ,watching the students.then,Miss cheng told me to join in the students and play together.I realised that I was the bridge to connect teachers with students.

  Sometimes,I messed myself up which made me frustrate.Because I didn't catch the meaning,and had no idea to work the problems out.

   In the other hand,it made me to know that I must work harder and harder to make sense.

   During the 3-weeks,we the volunteers did a lot works,but we never felt school,we helped teachers to make teaching stuff easier;after school,we found something out which they wanted to figure out.

  Besides,we built strong relationship between teachers and volunteers,of courese,other volunteers helped me a lot.all of them are the gifts from God.

    Through the experience,I abandoned the habit of thinking in Chinese,what's more,their optimism inspired me."no matter what happenes,don’t lose your heart ",wearing your charming smile.

    I owe all the things I learned to this program and those teachers,volunteers,they provide me the chance and the stage to show and improve myself.

Gui Wan  

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