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Experience of ESL summer camp——Tian Jian
September 30, 2009



This summer vacation ,I take part in the program “HaiMen Experimental Middle School” as a volunteer. The program is to teach Chinese children English by foreign teachers. To me a north China university student everything is strange. But through the 21 days work, the city had became my second hometown. And I will remember this all forever.


At The 18th July, I arrived at HaiMen. This evening the manager of this program Ms. Gu took a training of our 4 volunteers. And I know that my primary job is to help foreign teacher with language translation.

The second morning, after breakfast at hotel. I and the foreign teachers went to school in car.

And the whole day work was beginning. There was about 6 different kinds of work.

One. Help teaching 

Two. Outside activity

Three. arrange dinner

For. Make teaching tools

Five. Translation in daily life

Six. Take pictures

This was a routine work of volunteers. certainly there were some special works also. Taking pictures in the beginning ceremony. Talking to parents at the opening teaching days. Decorating library for the kids. Makeing multimedia for final ceremony.

There were lots of work to do everyday. But we never felt tired. Because I grew up everyday.


I knew new friends. Three volunteers comes form south China. We came from different city. Through these days, we improved together. From these guys I found that I fell behind in English.

And it inspired me to try my best in English. And also 9 foreign teachers. Although I couldn’t talk to them in smooth English. But I believe that through this 21 days, through our action, through heart contact. They can fell our empressement. We became best friends in the end.

How time flies. In the final ceremony. I saw children’s naivety smile, every parents nodded at their children satisfily, foreign teachers waved their hands. Tears fill in my eyes.

What a amazing 21days. I even think this city is my hometown. The friendship build up our family. And we will keep the experience in our mind forever.

                                                                TianJian (chet)

                                                      2009 25th August


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