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Experience of ESL summer camp——Chen Zhangmiao
September 30, 2009

It’s a gratitude to be the volunteer of the North America ESL Experimental School Summer Camp. As the assistant of the teachers, I involved in the camp every step of the way.

In China the main purpose of our English teaching is to let the students get a high score in the by doing multiply choices. But when they want to say something they just can’t say it. I have many classmates in that situation. And I understand the pressure the teachers, parents and students have. They have to do that.

Through this project. I think we may give those kids a hand. We give them the wings to get over the fear of learning English. Yes, they can fly.

I know it is very important to give a child a good teacher when he/she starts to learn something. The first teacher will have a very big effect on the child. I met a good teacher who taught me English so I can get this far in English. And I met a bad teacher who taught me Moths so Moths has always been a nightmare for me.

During the 3 weeks. Everyone has got progress. The students know how to say something in English. The Chinese teacher know how to teach and cooperate. The foreign teacher know how to say a little Chinese. And we volunteer also improve our English a lot.

What the Summer Camp brings is not only the books or the teachers but a new concept of teaching and a new way to help the child out.

As a student who benefits from this kind of education. I just want this project can be accepted by more schools. So more and more students could get this kind of education and there would be less students suffer from English. And I will keep working on to let more people know this project.

That’s all I want to say after the summer camp.

Chen Zhangmiao

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