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2010 ESL Summer Camp-- Caridad Alonso
August 9, 2010

US Teachers:  Caridad Alonso

Date: 2010 Summer ESL program

My teaching experience in China was remarkable and one that I will treasure forever. The students were extremely enthusiastic and excited to learn every day.  It is apparent that the children are highly committed to learning English and clearly recognize the importance of acquiring another language. Additionally, the Chinese instructors were eager to attain instructional strategies to teach the target language in a more context-rich meaningful manner.  The teachers learned several methods for creating an enjoyable second language acquisition environment.  Bringing English to life in the classroom included creating a context for communication such as games, songs, rhymes, props, movement, and hands-on experiences. 

In addition, I gained a deeper understanding of Chinese history by visiting several places such as the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, and The Summer Palace.  Also, I had several scrumptious meals and expanded my palette with regard to Chinese cuisine.  Finally, I developed strong relationships with several volunteers from the 2010 ESL Program.  My overall volunteer experience in China was very positive and I plan to pursue other teaching opportunities abroad in the future.

Caridad Alonso

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