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2010 ESL Summer Camp- Jeanette.Lynch
August 24, 2010

Teaching in China


This year I traveled to China to teach English to kindergarten students at the Juren School in Beijing during their summer camp program.  The experience was fulfilling and just plain fun.  Working with 5 and 6 year olds was challenging, but very rewarding.  The children were very curious as to what I was all about.  As we worked together through music and activities, the kids seem to really enjoy our classes.  I was also working with awesome teachers who were young, energetic and enthusiastic.  They wanted to learn new teaching techniques and strategies to improve their students' acquisition of English.   Through our daily work and planning, we became friends and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.  I also was asked to help construct a phonics program for the Juren kindergarten program, gave workshops for the teachers in phonics and pronunciation and taped phoneme sounds for an auditory program for the teachers and students.


Overall it was a great experience and certainly the highlight of my summer.

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