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2011 ZhuoZhou Summer English Camp
August 26, 2011

ZhuoZhou Summer English Camp

Report submitted by: Kevin Ryall, Group Leader, Ottawa, Ontario

As group leader of the North American teaching team for ZhuoZhou, China, I am very proud to report, that the summer camp in ZhuoZhou was a great success. In partnership with our teaching colleagues in ZhuoZhou, my teachers worked very hard to deliver a successful program. I am very proud of the program we delivered.

Hanwen School worked extremely hard to make sure our teaching needs were met. Hanwen staff is a very dedicated and professional team of educators.  AV equipment / teaching supplies were readily available for us. Their three-week program and teaching themes, were received well by the North American teachers and we had a great deal of fun with our students. Out of their summer school budget, Hanwen School paid for and provided excellent hotel accommodations and meals for my teachers. Daily meals were exceptional. For breakfast, we ate at the hotel, and for lunch and dinner, we were dined at the finest restaurant in ZhuoZhou . We grew to love the local dishes. Hanwen school was very concerned about our safety while in ZhuoZhou and made sure we were cared for. A van picked us up each morning and delivered us to the school and in turn, delivered us back to the hotel at the end of our teaching day.

Two, Saturday excusions to Beijing were planned by the Hanwen teaching staff. They took into consideration our touring requests and planned two wonderful tour experiences of Beijing and the key tourists sites in Beijing and surrounding area. Thanks to Vicky of Beijing location and Mr. Dang, (ZhuoZhou) for two wonderful tour experiences. They went out of their way to make our tour experiences memorable. Xie xie ni!

The teaching site (Hanwen School) met our every need. A lounge was established for our use during the day with daily refreshments provided (cookies, cool water, fruits etc.). Western style washrooms were on-site, which were very much appreciated by the North American teaching staff. The classrooms all had AC, and were very comfortable. Small tables were used to group the students into small groupings and so the layout of all of their classrooms were in keeping with good teaching practices for English language learners.

Our Chinese teaching partners were wonderful. They were so professional, so caring, so thoughtful. We grew to love our Chinese teachers and were sad to say goodbye upon completion of the program.

Hanwen School is an excellent English Language School. Their students are dedicated and take learning English very seriously. They are hard working students and their parents showed their dedication to learning English, by enrolling them (and paying high tuition) into this summer program. The parents were very supportive and made regular visits to our classrooms to observe their children leaning English. We were honoured to welcome them into our classrooms.

The learning philosophy of Hanwen School is…”Enjoy Your Study. Enjoy Your Life”. The staff and students of Hanwen School demonstrate this philosophy daily in the halls of their school. They take great pride in their educational system, and so they should. Hanwen School is a top notch English Learning School. It was my pleasure to work side-by-side with the teaching staff of Hanwen School.

Xie Xie Ni to all at Hanwen School!

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