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2011 Summer Camp - From Casandra Y. McKendall
August 26, 2011

August 15, 2011
Justina Ku
New Century Education Consulting Services of Canada
63 Dundurn Street South
Hamilton, ON L8P 4J9

Dear Justina:
Greetings! Per your request, this correspondence serves as my summary of the 2011 English Immersion Summer Camp. Having traveled and taught abroad on many occasions, I was humbled and grateful to be selected as one of the teachers for the Jieyang Huaquio High School teaching delegation in China. I was absolutely elated to be in the classroom with so many bright and talented minds. My students were eager to learn and I was eager to teach them. In my classroom, Chinese students (and teachers) were engaged in many "out of the box" activities and exercises to improve their confidence and competence in the English language—particularly oral/conversational English. After pre/post informal assessments, I am confident that everyone benefited from the summer camp.

Moreover, I had a unique opportunity to not only teach Chinese students, but students also learned more about American culture. Conversely, I had a wonderful opportunity to learn more about and appreciate Chinese culture. Case in point, the pre-planned Saturday excursions were informative and extremely educational. The excursions allowed the North American teachers to establish camaraderie and long-lasting relationships with our Chinese colleagues and other key personnel in academia.

In closing, my short time during the 2011 summer camp will always have a memorable and lasting impression. Regrettably, I did not have a digital camera; however, the experiences during the three weeks in China have been captured in my heart and mind. Teaching in China was a great opportunity to learn from and grow with each other. Just as I have successfully climbed to the top of the Great Wall, I truly believe that my students will greatly excel and rise to the top during their academic career. The motto of the summer camp was, "I can do it!" The summer camp participants have indeed done just that—they did it!
Thank you. Have a phenomenal day!

Casandra Y. McKendall
Casandra Y. McKendall

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