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Mont. Tremblant, Quebec City, 3-Day Splendid Tour
September 18, 2008

Mont. Tremblant, Quebec City, 3-Day Splendid Tour

Day 1:  Toronto-- Mont. Tremblant Village

In the morning, we will travel along the McDonald-Cartier Freeway into Quebec.  In the heart of the Gatineau Valley, there is a town called Montebello.  You will be impressed by the rugged beauty of the Fairmont Chateau Montebello.  This star-shaped red cedar log resort is famed for its natural luxury.  In the afternoon, we will visit the most immeasurable Safari Park (optional admission) in Quebec.  You will observe many species of wild animals living in their natural habitat.  Then, we carry on our tour to the magnificent Laurentians.  This unique chain of mountains has been carved out by the region’s streams and lakes.  Down the winding road, through the meadows and rocky hills, you will be amazed by the striking scenery.  In the heart of such spectacular landscape is nestled a charming yet luxurious resort, Tremblant Village.  You will be enchanted by the spell of this mountain paradise and the colourful rooftops of its Pedestrian Village.  Mont Tremblant  is the number one ski resort destination is eastern North America.  Tremblant Village has developed many fun-filled summer activities for all curious visitors.  We will take a cruise on the beautiful Lake Tremblant (optional admission).  This cruise is the best way to enjoy the vivid colours of the woods, the cottages of the rich and famous, as well as the hillside village.  We will spend the night in the Mont Tremblant Pedestrian Village.  After we check in to the hotel, you can stroll around the village, take a walk by the lakes, or satisfy your appetite in the many local restaurants.

Day 2:  Mont. Tremblant Village -- Quebec City

We will leave Mont Tremblant Village in the morning, and explore the more enchanting Quebec countryside. We will visit the largest and most stunning Botanical Gardens (optional admission) in Quebec.  This garden has a collection of over 22,000 plant species.  You will be captivated by the colours and fragrances from around the world as you wander from the delightful Chinese garden to the desert style caucus garden, to the classically designed French garden, or the woodlands of the Laurentians.  We will visit the impressive Montmorency Falls, cascading 270 feet into the river below. We will then arrive in the most European city on the North American continent, old Quebec City.  Old Quebec is the oldest settlement in North America, and the only city north of Mexico still surrounded by a fortification, in the Americas.  The history of the city dates back to the early 17th century, and there are many areas which still remain in the “Old World” style.  The Chateau Frontenac Hotel, a famous symbol of the old city, is the most photographed hotel in the world, and named after the former premier of Quebec.  You will have some free time to explore the old city.  We will stay overnight in Quebec City.

Day 3:  Quebec City --Toronto

We will leave historical Quebec City in the early morning.  In the early afternoon, we will visit a quaint Pioneer Village in Ontario (optional admission).  These historic buildings are brought to life with colourful characters from the past.  At the same time, you will learn the history of this recreated 19th century village, and meet the artisans, trades people, farmers and other villagers, living much as they would have over one-hundred years ago.  All of them are eager to share the tricks of their trades.  We arrive in Toronto in the evening, concluding our journey.

(We reserve the right to make adjustments to the itinerary and to substitute attractions when necessary)

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