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Thanks letter from Classical Martial Arts Canada -Darby Rahme
November 29, 2012

Hi Justina,
I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you again for organizing such a wonderful trip. I was so impressed that such a complicated trip was able to go off without a hitch, and I know that it's because of all your hard work behind the scenes. Everyone that we met was just wonderful, and it was such an honor to have lunch with the Deputy Mayor of Wudang Mountain, and to meet so many influential people in Quanzhou and see so many amazing martial arts demonstrations. All the people that we trained with and all the people who helped us (Ben, Oliver, and Karen especially) were so great, and we were so lucky to have them with us. And of course we were especially lucky to have you with us for the whole trip! Thank you so much!
Please let me know if you ever come through Tokyo, and if not I'll see you again in Canada or China sometime soon.
All the best,

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